Indiana Public Access Counselor weighs in on school board meetings

There is no easy answer, and maybe no solution, for turning down the temperature at recent public meetings, including school boards, Indiana Public Access Counselor Luke Britt wrote as he weighed in on the tension.

However, he stressed it as an opportunity to review the laws and point out that civility can often lead to productivity.

In an informal opinion dated Oct. 28, Britt wrote that he advises both the public and their representatives on their responsibilities “under both the letter and the spirit of the law” such as Open Door Law and the Access to Public Records Act, and his job is “not the behavior sheriff.”

While the opinion, titled “The Correlation Between Civility and Public Access” isn’t just about school boards, it uses several school related examples and largely responds to the tense and sometimes unruly school board meetings over recent months as well as the increase in complaints about access to school boards and district records.