Keep it Safe and Legal this Fourth of July | News

The Fourth of July marks a time for celebrations and gatherings with friends and families and the Lincoln City Police Department wants to wish our residents and visitors a very happy and safe upcoming 4th of July Holiday!

We would also like to take this opportunity to talk about the importance of practicing fireworks safety and address some issues surrounding the use and possession of fireworks, while urging everyone to exercise caution and to follow state laws and local ordinances.

Oregon law bans all fireworks that fly, explode, or move across the ground more than six feet, or go up in the air more than twelve inches, This includes items like bottle rockets roman candles, firecrackers, M80s and mortar rounds. These type of fireworks are not available for purchase in Oregon and are brought in from out-of-state. To be legal, only purchase fireworks sold in Oregon at licensed firework stands.   

Under Oregon law, the use of any fireworks, legal or illegal is prohibited on Oregon beaches and officials can seize illegal fireworks, and you can be subject to monetary fines and/or be arrested. You can also be held civilly liable for damages resulting from the improper use of any fireworks – legal or illegal, and  Oregon law also make parents liable for damages caused by their children and allows fire departments to charge for the cost of suppressing fires caused by fireworks. Additionally, the use of illegal fireworks constitutes criminal activity, and your insurance policy may not cover you if you engage in a criminal act that results in damage.

With our local area having just experienced a devastating wildfire event that resulted in the loss of hundreds of homes and displacement of numerous families, the concerns of fire danger is on the forefront of everyone’s minds. During dry summer conditions, an errant firework can ignite vegetation, vehicles and even house roofs.

Also, it goes without saying that even legal fireworks are dangerous and can cause property damage, as well as serious injuries and burns to users and those around them, especially unsupervised children.

The members of the Lincoln City Police Department want our citizens and visitors to have a safe and happy July 4th holiday and encourage everyone to keep it safe and keep it legal.