PIL Moved In Supreme Court Seeking Ex-Gratia Rs 50 Lakhs To The Kin Of Advocates Who Succumbed To COVID

A plea has been moved before the Supreme Court seeking ex- gratia payment of Rs. 50,00,000/- to the kin of an advocate who dies/has died due to COVID or in any other manner within the age of 60 years with immediate effect.

The plea has been filed by petitioner-in-person Advocate Pradeep Kumar Yadav also prays that in cases of Pandemic additional monetary help be provided to Advocates, because the survival of the advocate is only on cases/briefs and Advocate have no other source of income nor anybody in the society comes forward to help to them.

Significantly, the plea states:

Bar Council of India as well as State Bar Councils neither take care of them nor their families of Advocate and they have also not grant any relief, however, it is a true fact that in each and every year cores of Rupees had been collected in the name of welfare fund by way of welfare tickets and when Advocates are in trouble than most of the time neither concerned Bar Association nor concerned Bar Council came forward to help them.

The plea further states that if the Courts will start working in full swing, then the Advocates will able to generate their livelihood without any help whatsoever and if the restrictions are imposed, it would be very difficult to survive.

The plea also urges the Court to issue appropriate directions to the concerned authorities / Registry Branch of Various Courts to start the proceeding through Video Conferencing in a routine manner so that normalcy can be created in the Courts and legal profession should not suffer.

However, the plea adds that if the Court are only taking up the Urgent matters then the protection of Advocates should be ensured to save their livelihood) and also, Amendment in the Advocates Act be made for the social security and guarantee of livelihood and medical protection for the Advocates.

Lastly, the plea prays:

Issue a writ of mandamus or writ in the nature of mandamus or any other appropriate writ or order or direction, directing the respondent/s to pay ex-gratia amount about Rs. 50,00,000/- (rupees fifty lacs) to the kin of the deceased advocate, who had died within 60 years whether by covid-19 or any other manner, in cases of pandemic additional monetary help be provided to 19 advocates, because the survival of the advocate is only on cases/briefs and advocate have no other source of income with immediate effect.