Top Interview Questions: Are You A Leader or A Follower? | On Balance Search Consultants

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” — John Maxwell

Top Interview Questions from a Legal Recruiter

What makes you the best for the job? Prepare. Know the toughest top 10 interview questions every legal recruiter will ask.

It is always important to know what questions you may be asked in an interview. Knowing what makes you the best fit increases your chances of finding the right law firm.

Below are the top ten interview questions to keep in mind while vying for a spot for partner.

  1. Are you a leader or a follower?
    If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” —John Quincy Adams.
    Be careful, don’t jump jump the gun. Carefully craft how critical being a team player is to any successful outcome. Thoughtfully demonstrate how your leadership helped win the case.
  2. How have you changed in the last five years?
    This is where “knowing yourself” is essential. Think of these in terms of “how have you improved?”. Who can honestly say they have won every case? Spin it. Turn a negative into a positive. Talk about what that you learned and how the experience made you a better litigator.
  3. Tell me about a time when you felt that you dealt with a situation inadequately. How has that changed your approach?This is a tough one. It’s more about how the outcome changed you and how it made you a better person. Articulate the philosophical and fundamental guiding principals you bring to the table.
  4. If offered the position, how long do you plan to stay at this firm?
    Why should I hire you? Tell me why you want to work here? Why this firm is a perfect fit for me. Do your homework and prove to me that feel this firm is where you want to be. That this is you new home and you’re in for better or worse.
  5. If you did not have to work what would you do?
    How you spend your time speaks volumes about what type of person you are. Be honest, it’s all about how you approach your day. How you spend you time informs us what kind of person you are. It tells us what drives you and what’s important to you. Take this opportunity to share what makes you special.
  6. What do you think about the principle of Legal Aid? Should clients have to pay for services they use in all circumstances?
    Does the firm do any pro bono work? Why not? Isn’t corporate social responsibility the new norm? Tell a story about how you changed someone’s life. How you made a difference and how the firm profited from your efforts.
  7. What are the three main attributes for a successful partner?
    What are your strengths, what has got you to where you are today. Perhaps it’s your ability to pick a jury well. Settling out of court, or how you treat your clients and associates. That winning way that has served you so well. Speak on what you know and how it has helped you succeed.
  8. Would you be willing to branch out into any other area of law, if the firm priorities changed?
    This question is getting at is how you adapt to change. Tell me about how you overcame all obstacles and made the crisis a success. Convince the recruiter that you got what it takes to get it done. Whatever it takes.
  9. In your view, what are the major problems/opportunities facing the legal industry?
    Be honest about the challenges the legal profession is up against. Embrace the hard realities of your industry, and then tell me how you turn these obstacles into opportunities.
  10. What sort of activities are you interested in outside of work?
    In other words, tell me about what type of a person are you so the recruiter can assess if you are a good fit for the firm’s corporate culture.
  • Shared meals: What does this say about you? Are you selfish or just social.
  • Volunteering: Why is this cause important to you?
  • Physical fitness? Are you more relaxed at work? Does being healthy translate into a better lawyer?

Prepare for unexpected questions knowing full well that there is going to be a question you never hear of before. Don’t just react, take a moment to compose yourself before you respond. Give yourself a few moments to give your best, ask a few questions to help formulate your response.

Don’t compromise. Let’s find you a firm where you can do your best work and shares your passions and values. Schedule an appointee with a top recruiter to guide you though this process.